It’s Not a Box Theatre is dedicated to staging devised, interactive theatre work that invites stories from unheard voices, subverts the relationship between audience and artist, and experiments with what it truly means to play.


It's Not A Box Theatre is led by BFA actor and playwright Torien Cafferata and BFA designer and dance artist Amberlin Hsu. Our first experiment, Project O, was a devised movement series staged on a movable set in 2015. The following year we journeyed into the dark Hypneurosis, a candle-lit movement show about mental illness and communal non-linear storytelling. Over the next year we took a radical new direction with two productions of Overhear, a site-specific documentary theatre project about unheard stories and listening, experienced by one audience member at a time. Early in 2017 we ventured further into digital interactivity with cell, a live part-game, part-theatre experiment in political participation and data filter bubbles, played using Facebook Messenger on an audience’s smartphones. Later that year, we brought Overhear to the international stage, linking our Saskatoon production to one in Paris, France, as well developing the Overhear mobile app to accompany the live show. In 2018 at the Saskatoon Fringe and SummerWorks Festival we introduced Overhear Solo, an app feature that transforms the live stories into interactive geocaches and in 2019 we intend to extend the app to allow user submissions, providing a new and unique platform for storytellers around the world. As we look at augmented-reality theatre as an inevitability on the horizon, It's Not A Box Theatre has never been more excited to explore the future of theatre.

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